Fashion Icon – Audrey Hepburn

February 12, 2010


It’s not a big deal to open a (another) blog nowadays, huh?! Surely yes! Unlike my other blogs,  I decide to go without a grand opening entry for this one. Natural, be natural and talking something more meaningful and memorable. Getting into the point:

It’s about Audrey Hepburn…

Honestly, I don’t really know her much. I mean, her personal life, even though it has been putting under the spotlight all the time.

However, I know her status as style goddess is spreading from the fashion world to every girl’s daily life. She created a “moment”, a longtime “moment” that pervasively influenced the world. Without any exaggeration, she is the gift.

Dating from the early 1950s, after winning an Oscar in 1953 for Roman Holiday, to January 20, 1993, the day she flew away, Audrey made the world follow her with simple but striking looks: boyish body (still flourish and sexy~_~),  pixie haircut, long swan neck, flats, full skirt, button-down men’s shirt, large round frame sunglasses… People are copying these looks, but nobody can never be too Audrey~

Audrey’s look out of Capri pants and a white shirt — Keep it SIMPLE!

Here I found something looks good for us, inspired by Audrey, but having our own styles:

1. Kimchi Blue Pixie Dress (from UO)

2. Fletcher by Lyell Peter Pan Collar Pleat Blouse (from UO)

3. Urban Renewal Plaid Puff Sleeve Blouse (from UO) — my fav!

4. Woven Suede Flats (from Charlotte Russe)

5. Leopard Risky Business (from UO;)


2 Responses to “Fashion Icon – Audrey Hepburn”

  1. sxz Says:

    I love Audrey, too!!!!!

  2. kianhong Says:

    Yes, both her beauty and fashion sense are timeless. No doubt!

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