I abandoned blogging, especially blogging in English, for a long long time. Well, you can tell from the date. It’s amazing to see myself changing and growing in different prospects in the last half-year. Many things I chose to do or was chosen to interact with were fascinating and somehow becoming milestones and determine factors on where I am  now and where I will be at in the next several years.

I will elaborate it more in the future entries. Not now though, because I don’t wanna talk about just myself on this table. I prefer to relate what I have experienced before in the future writings that will address specific topics. That will be more meaningful. With the fresh step on a new stage since late August, I decided to come back here, pick up what I have dropped, re-frame it, and start to cook some fresh dishes on a regular base.

In terms of ‘re-frame’, I mean changing the theme of this blog from just about Fashion to be more relative to cultural and arts issues that I will experience in the U.S. or other places around the world (China or Canada for examples). You may get some hints from the title. I named it “Stylish Arts in Cultural Community”. Yes, I meant it!

I will be going to a social media club breakfast at Busboys and Poets tomorrow morning. I hope I will be able to make it.  Let’s expect!